meet mirella

Mirella is the cheeky bottom you girls have all been asking for. She is chic, sexy and flirty, yet she gives you the kind of coverage that never goes out of style. With it’s cheeky bottom, high side ties, and the perfect front v cut, Mirella will have your legs looking a mile long. You’re welcome!

The mirella is fun, flirty and still adds a bit more coverage. We want our #NuaSquad to feel as confident as possible and we know you will be feeling your best self as soon as you slip this on. the design behind this style was too not only show more coverage but to add a bit more fun while doing it. the v shape in the front adds length to your torso, giving you that elongated look. you will fall in love with the mirella, just like we know you would!

the mirella comes in all 4 prints and 5 solids including nua, our favorite solid!