brazilian new years traditions

brazilian new years traditions
brazilian fireworks show

Let's bring in the new year in nua style.

With the brilliant, vibrant, and exotic Brazilian culture has to offer, you would expect nothing less than the celebrations of the new year. Brazilians are ready to party all night long until the early morning of January 1st with family and friends on the sandy beaches of Rio de Janeiro. Traditions spanning over 70 plus years, the Brazilians take pride in celebrating a new year to prosper wealth, good health, peace, and love.  

Ano novo, vida nova!

wearing white and colored underwear

If you happen to be in Brazil for the new year, wear white. This tradition dates back to when people would wear white during rituals to seek spiritual purifications.

Want to increase your luck even more? Buy a new pair of brightly colored underwear to bring certain attributes you want to have in the new year. Red brings love; Yellow rings money; Green brings good health

people partying in brazil

food traditions

Eat lentils for positive energy. Eat pomegranate seeds for good luck. Stay away from turkey, crab, and poultry unless you want a year full of bad luck.

Feeling lucky? Take pomegranate seeds in a small piece of wrapping paper and put them in your wallet for more success in the new year!

pomegranate seeds

lucky #7's

It is said that the number 7 is very lucky for brazil. To have an abundance of money and success for the new year, eat 7 grapes at midnight. If you happen to live by the ocean, jump 7 waves and make 7 wishes for your new year.

people running in the ocean


Rio de Janeiro has the biggest firework celebration in the entire world. If you happen to be visiting this beautiful city during the summer, you will be lucky enough to see this. Rio Reveillon brings in more than 2 million people to celebrate the new year.

girls looking up at fireworks for new years
girl drinking around firework show for new years

A Brazilian New Year is arguably the best in the world.

With its vibrant people, historical traditions, and massive fireworks. This is the ultimate new year's experience. While we make our way into a new year, we are so happy we have you with us. the #NuaSquad is our family & we cannot wait to see what 2023 has in store! 

feliz Ano Novo