Inspired by rhythm of Bossa Nova and the 1960’s style, our newest Spring 2023 collection will not only make you shine, but also dance the night away! 

Featuring glittery lurex and a vintage style print - this collection will have you feeling like the Queen you already are.

bossa nova

inspired by the free-spirited vibes of the 1960s and the smooth sounds of Bossa Nova music. This print features a playful mix of geometric shapes and bold colors that will make you stand out on the beach or by the pool.


Diva will make you shine like the Queen you already are. Made of luxurious, recycled lurex, this glittery red fabric will make heads turn while you sparkle in the sun or under the moonlight. Shine bright like a diamond, bonita!


spring/summer 2022 collection


It's about to get wild!

Inspired by the elements of the Brazilian Amazon and designed for the daring. Our new Spring/Summer 2022 collection pays homage to one of the most beautiful and special places in the world. This collection was designed for the fierce, wild, and mysterious women - just like the jungle. 

Do you dare?!

onça cinza

Meet Onça Cinza - she's anything but your average jaguar print. This gray detailed version of our orginal Onça print, is not only super chic,  but oh so fun! 

onça preta

This print was inspired by the black jaguar, one of the world’s most powerful living animals in the wild, mainly found in the Amazon. Needless to say, this print was made to bring out the fierceness, savagery, and uniqueness you already possess.


The jaguar (Onça) is one of the animals that most represents the Amazon Rainforest and is considered to be the “Queen of the Forest”. It’s no wonder this print breathes the energy of courage, sensuality, and magnetism. So it's basically fit for a Queen, just like you!


A vibrant print inspired by the free-flowing and abundant Amazon River. It is arguably the world’s longest river, responsible for one-fifth of the freshwater. Undoubtedly, Amazonas was an essential print for our collection to make you feel that Nua flow! 


Macaws are one of the most charismatic species you’ll find in the Amazon. Their facial feather pattern is thought to be as unique as a fingerprint, and their brilliant coloring makes them impossible to miss. Kind of like you and your bestie wearing the Arara print.


Peaceful, yet oh so sexy! Agua was inspired by the refreshing and renewing powers of the mysterious Brazilian Amazonian river!  Tailor-made to make you feel in your purest element, so show ‘em what you’re made of! 


Céu (Sky) breathes the possibility and expansiveness of the tropical skies. A reminder that you are brighter than the sun and the sky is not your limit when Céu is on you. So, shine bright like a Nua babe!


The color of the summer is here! The luxurious earthy tone found in Terra is inspired by the rich clay like-soil that is found in the Brazilian Amazon jungle. Terra is also the name of the Goddess of the earth. Need we say more?

ready to get wild?


2021 collection

the taste of brazil

Our debut collection, The Taste of Brazil, took inspiration from iconic Brazilian landmarks and from the country's beautiful fauna. This collection was meant to make you want to get in a Bossa Nova mood and dance like no one is watching. Get a Taste of Brazil and feel it's energy and soul through this collection.


With a mosaic feel and geometric and modern vibe, this print was inspired by famous Brazilian tile work from the capital Brasilia. We love the mix of colors and how vibrant this print is!


This print was inspired by the colors of a beautiful Carioca summer and the streets of Copacabana. 

Get ready to feel like the girl from Rio in this print!

tucano rosa

Inspired by the shapes and colors that represent the climate, flora and fauna of Brazil. This print brings two colors we love together, Rosa Pink and Esmeralda - making it for a perfect mix and match piece.


Bringing the lines and colors permeated through the Brazilian tropics. This print feels beautiful, wild and mysterious - just like the Rainforest. It also looks beautiful paired with our Nua solid color.


Our brand color had to be a bikini color, right?! The Nua color is who we are! We love that you can mix and match this color with some of our other styles, like the Floresta print - or even any of the other solids for a super fun look!

rosa pink

The kind of color that looks good on everyone! Get ready to want to dance and feel alive while wearing this. It looks beautiful with our other prints Tucano Rosa, Floresta and Copacabana. We just love mixing solids and prints!


Ooh la la. This color is sexy, powerful, chic and fun - all in one! We are huge fans of Esmeralda's vibrant color. You can mix and match it with our other prints, like the Tucano Rosa and Floresta for a super fun and edgy vibe!


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