My name is Ananda (that’s bliss in hindi) – I was born in miami, fl to brazilian parents and raised in beautiful São Paulo, Brazil. Growing up in Brazil no doubt made me quite the beach lover. As long as I can remember, many weekends and all holidays were spent on a sandy beach with sunscreen on my face. So needless to say, bikinis have been my thing for a long time.

My college days led me to NYC, where I grew an even stronger passion for fashion than ever before. I was lucky enough to be able to work in a few fashion power houses and magazines while living in the city. Those experiences really ignited my creative fashion side.

Creating Nua Swim allowed me to share my passion for fashion, for my country, and my unending love for the beach with all of you. My heart and soul went into every single detail and part of this brand and I hope you can feel it when you wear one of my pieces.

As a woman, I know it can be so hard sometimes to feel good about who we are and how we look, especially with the impact of social media and what feels like an endless list of unattainable #goals. But here at Nua Swim, we know that being beautiful comes from within, from being confident in who we are, and feeling our best no matter what society thinks “beautiful” is. Evoking that confidence through my pieces was something so important for me when I was creating this brand, picking my fabrics and designing my swimwear. I want my swim to make you feel like the goddess you know you are!

I  always made it a point to do things the right way - which for me was to create made with recycled and/or sustainable materials. I also wanted to give back somehow. so not only are most of my pieces and packaging made from recycled or sustainable materials, but I also partnered with Brazil Foundation where a % of all sales are donated to the Amazon Fund.

Now enough of me.

Go get in a bossa nova mood and live your best life in Nua Swim

Our Story, Our Promise

Growing up in Brazil, our founder Ananda Saba set out to design a swimwear brand that would capture the captivating sensuality the country is known for, inspired by it's rhythm and soul. Brazil is vibrant and sensual; pulsating with life and it’s this effervescent and unforgettable feeling that we wish to encapsulate with our brand, no matter where your destination takes you.

Nua – which means “naked” in Portuguese – wants you to embrace the skin you’re in and look damn good while doing it! Proudly made from luxurious eco-friendly fabrics, Nua Swim features eye-catching prints with playful pops of color, fun designs, and a Bossa Nova attitude! With Nua, the effortless glamour and beachside allure of Brazil is just a swimsuit away.

Welcome to the #NuaSquad and get ready to feel the soul of Brazil!


We seek to bring the effortless glamour and beachside sensuality of Brazil to women across the globe. Attitude is everything and Nua Swim knows that when a woman feels beautiful, she becomes unstoppable!
Portuguese for ‘naked’, Nua, believes in a world where women feel confident to take the plunge into their deepest desires and love the skin they’re in.

Stand out from the crowd with our sexy daring designs, and our one-of-a-kind prints and vibrant colors, Nua Swim promises to help you feel confident and make a splash wherever you go. Beauty comes from within. So start dancing and get in that Bossa Nova mood!