love for brazil: 5 beautiful cities you must visit

love for brazil: 5 beautiful cities you must visit

fantasizing about warm water, tasty food, and beautiful scenery? trust us, we are too. This month we are celebrating our love for Brazil and its beautiful cities that inspired the exotic prints of Nua. From the colorful beaches of Rio De Janeiro to the jungles of the Amazon Rainforest, Nua represents these prints and patterns through both collections taste of brazil and welcome to the jungle.

these beautiful cities will have you wanting to leave the office and start planning your next girls' trip!

Rio de Janeiro

famous for its golden beaches and stunning natural scenery. Soak up the essence of brazil with the views of Pão de Açúcar and Copacabana beach that were inspired by our taste of brazil collection. The home of Christ the Redeemer boasts an impeccable design, bossa nova style, and tasty food. The Junta Local is a foodie's dream filled with up-and-coming chefs to showcase fresh produce, wines and so much more. Ride the cable car up to Sugar Loaf Mountain to see the sunset over the most beautiful city and be sure to explore the nightlife with places such as Pedra do Sal for a night of samba. Rio de Janeiro's local neighborhood, Leblon is filled with upscale shops, restaurants, and even better nightlife to have you never wanting to leave this beautiful city.

São Paulo

you could possibly spend 4 days in this city and still not see all it has to offer. São Paulo is home to Brazil's financial and cultural center, as well as art museums like the São Paulo Museum of Art, green outdoor parks like Parque, do Ibirapuera, and beautiful architectural buildings surrounding the city, like the Edifício Itália. This building towers 46 stories and is a spectacular sight to see. Stroll down Paulista Avenue to enjoy shops, museums, bars, and restaurants. If you are looking for a modern twist on Brazilian cuisine, try Balaio IMS by Chef Rodrigo Oliveira or if you are looking for something not as luxurious, taste exotic fruits, seafood, cheeses, and spices at the Municipal Market (Mercadão). These are just a few of the many locations you can explore while visiting this cosmopolitan city!

cycling through beautiful beaches, and natural pools like Espelho Beach, visiting colorful houses in Quadrado Square with hundreds of years of history, and indulging in Brazilian cuisine. This is just a glimpse of the countless adventures you can embark on in this city. Hidden oases surround the entirety of Trancoso like Itapororoca Beach, and Rio Verde Beach just to name a few of the pure white sand, crystal clear beaches. Hike or walk through the beautiful cliffs of Bosque Hiking Trail at Reserva Rio do Brasil or explore the starry skies and beautiful sunsets of the Trancoso beaches. This rustic atmosphere doesn't take away from the luxurious food at the Favoritto Trancoso which will have you running back for more. If you don't know what you want to eat, no worries! Rabanete Restaurant is a special buffet that serves everything from Italian to Arabic cuisine that will have your taste buds traveling the world.  

Fernando De Noronha
this city is known as an exotic paradise. explore its volcanic islands, rocky peaks, sea creatures, and warm waters. Follow the island's coastline on the Atalaia hike with the city's main transportation, a dune buggy! Take a boat ride through key attractions such as Pria dos Sanchos, the Lion Cave, and snorkel at Ponto de Sapato. Known for its turquoise waters, Praia de Leão will make you never want to leave, unless you need a quick bite to eat. Head on over to this charming seafood diner named Cacimba Bistro. Be sure to taste their ceviche and the moqueca de peixe. This is an explorers paradise filled with surfing, hiking, scuba diving, cliff jumping and more adventurers opportunities await you and your fearless partners! 

located in the state of Bahia this cultural filled city will have something for every kind of traveler. Salvador has a huge food scene that you will not want to miss so be sure to get the full experience by taking a 5-hour Brazilian food tour. Your guide will not only tell you the deep history of this city but will teach you how to cook traditional dishes with fresh produce! Get your steps in by walking the beautiful cobblestone streets of Pelourinho filled with colorful and historical buildings and homes. Many churches roam this historical city and are a must-see on your trip. The Cathedral of Salvador, from the 17th century, create a Baroque architectural design that you will not want to skip out on. A popular Brazilian landmark is the Lacerda Lift. This 19th-century art deco elevator will give you some of the best views Salvador has to offer. Discover theatre, ballet, art, history, and delicious food here in the beautiful city of Salvador.

Brazil is vibrant and sensual; pulsating with life and it’s this effervescent and unforgettable feeling that we wish to encapsulate with our brand, no matter where your destination takes you.

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