spooky szn

spooky szn

It's spooky szn babes and we want to give you some of our favorite movies and new tv shows you should be watching with your girls or your BOO!

netflix the watcher
netflix unsolved mysteries

The Watcher

#1 on Netflix right now and it is definitely a must-watch, but beware. This chilling story is based on actual events that happened to a family in New Jersey. Grab your cuddle buddy and watch all 7 episodes this week to truly be in the Halloween spirit.

Unsolved Mysteries

the new season just dropped in time for Halloween and you will not want to skip out on this one. Stories that seem so bizarre, they have to be fake, right? These stories are crazier than the last so get ready to be spooked. 

kristen bell netflix show
the weekend away netflix

The Woman in the House across the street from the girl in the window

if you are wanting the ultimate girls' night full of laughs yet a little spooky, look no further. This movie starring Kristen Bell is the perfect watch if you aren't totally into all the scary stuff. It still gives you that creepy feeling but in the best way! Invite your friends over to bake some Halloween cookies, drink some hot cocoa and watch a feel-good "thriller"!

The Weekend Away

for all the suspense seekers out there, this one is for you. Starring Leighton Meester, this movie will have you questioning everything. When her best friend goes missing on a weekend vacation, she soon finds out that nothing is as it seems.

We cannot wait to see what our #Nuasquad is up to this Halloween season!