senhor do bonfim bracelet making your wishes come true with each order.

how do you make a wish?

do you gaze at the night sky in hopes of a shooting star? or wait for the clock to strike at exactly 11:11? for brazilians, we wear senhor do bonfim bracelets (bahia bands) to make our wishes come true and keep evil eye away

how to wear it

Step 1 Have a friend place your bracelet on your wrist or ankle.

Step 2 Wrap it and tie it with a knot–as the knot is made, make one wish!

Step 3 Do this three times, so you have three wishes and three knots.

Step 4 Wear it until the bracelet falls off naturally. When that happens, the three wishes will come true! ;)

Step 5 Don’t cut it off (it’s bad luck)!


A 200 year-old tradition that says “ Lembranca do Senhor do Bonfim da Bahia,” which translates to “in remembrance of the savior of Bahia,” this good luck charm has been part of Brazilian culture for centuries and comes in multiple colors conveying different messages:

Red – strength and passion

Orange – courage and energy

Yellow – success and intelligence

Dark Green – money and growth

Green – life and renewal

Light Blue – love and peace

Dark Blue – health

Pink – friendship

White – wisdom and inner peace

Purple – spirituality

are you ready to make a wish?