10 must-do things in rio de janeiro

10 must-do things in rio de janeiro

The marvelous city, Rio. Filled with sunshine, street food, exotic fruits, national landmarks, and bossa nova sounds! Rio will have you only wanting more. Its warm climate, exotic jungles, and lively people are what make this city thrive. It's no wonder that this is South America's most visited city! We have put together our top 10 must-do things to do while visiting Rio De Janeiro so sit back, relax, maybe sip on a Caipirinha and explore the beautiful city of Rio.

"the marvelous city"

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1. Cristo Redentor

Your trip would not be completed without seeing this incredible landmark. Located on top of Corcovado Mountain, the 30-meter statue looks out to sea over the city and is something you must see to believe. Construction for this landmark started in 1922 and it took 9 years to be completed. Did you know that his landmark is now one of the new seven wonders of the world?

Christ the Redeemer
Christ the Redeemer

2. Feira Livre da Glória

Street food galore in this city. If you notice any type of food being sold on the street, just eat it. You will not be disappointed! From its charming locals, exotic fruits, and fresh meats, this is every foodie's dream! Try a Tapioca sandwich with a choice of filling, mangos, papayas, and strange fruit (the stranger the better, we promise)!

hanging fruit

3. Pão de Açúcar

Visiting this 396-meter granite peak involves some travel, might I add. You will have to take two cable cars, one to Morro da Urca, and then to Sugar Loaf  Other ways can be through hiking up Praia Vermelha (Red Beach), but the cable car is definitely an experience you won't want to skip out on! The views are worth it, we promise. See all of Brazil as far as your eyes can see. 

cable cars

4. Confeitaria Colombo

One of the central region's main landmarks, this coffee house located in downtown Rio is your ultimate foodie experience. Founded in 1894, history is seeping out of the walls and into the food! Years after being opened Colombo became a meeting point for Brazilian writers, artists, and musicians of the time. Make sure to try Brigadeiros and Pastel de Nata, two traditional Brazilian sweets, pastel de avela (hazelnut pastry), Torta Bombom, pistachio tart, or dulce de leche cookies. 

famous Brazilian restaurant

5. Ipanema Beach & Copacabana Beach

Live the beautiful Carioca life. Walk along the 5-kilometer length of Copacabana beach and take in the beach bars, non-stop street food, and the bossa nova beach life. Relax under the clouds and notice the locals in tiny swimsuits (make sure to wear your Nua). Lay out your towel on the sand, try some local foods, and drink Caipirinha all day long!

copacabana beach

6. Escadaria Selarón

Be sure to stop by these iconic steps to take your Instagram-worthy pics! This picture will be worth a thousand words, tracing back to 1990 Chiliean-born artist Jorge Selaron spent every day dedicating his art to these steps stating "my tribute to the Brazilian people". Selaron also stated that these iconic steps will "never be complete". You will definitely have to see his work of art for yourself to truly appreciate it. Make sure to arrive early in the morning around 8am, before it becomes super crowded.

famous steps of brazil

7. Beco das Garrafas

What if you could listen to bossa nova in the place where it first originated from? Visit Beco Das Garrafas for an authentic listening experience. In 1961, Sergio Mendes's talent and bossa nova style was recognized here in this club. If you are wanting to explore the culture of the bossa nova, take a musical tour of the city!

brazilian bar

8. Feira Hippie de Ipanema

Located in the park, Praça General Osório, this hippie fair will be so fun to do with anyone you bring to this city! Spend hours walking around talking with locals and shopping all handmade goods, wood carvings, jewelry, paintings, handmade bags, and so much more!

hippie fair

9. Classico Sunset Club Urca

After you have taken the cable car ride up Sugar Loaf Mountain, take in the beautiful scenery while sipping on a fresh cocktail. This view is totally worth it, and it's even better for sunset. 

sugar loaf mountain

9. aconchego carioca

try this Michelin Star restaurant next visit, and you will not be disappointed. The flavors of Brazilian will be melting in your mouth from the moment you step inside. We suggest ordering the famous bolinho de feijoada.

Brazilian restaurant

We can only dream, right? Maybe you don't have set plans to visit this marvelous city but you can plan your bucket list! Let us know how you get in a bossa nova mood and shop our newest swimwear collection, especially if you already have this trip planned! 

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