nua swimsuits based on your zodiac sign

nua swimsuits based on your zodiac sign

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isn't it so much fun researching your horoscope, seeing who you get along with, who you need to stay away from, or seeing what your besties sign is and why you guys are girlies for life? If you are anything like Nua, you love versatility, adventurous style, and fashion that eludes confidence. Our suits definitely match your energy so let's find that shall we? Read on to find out what suit best describes you and matches your sign!

1. Aries [ March 21 - April 19 ]

Fire sign only means one thing, confidence. You strive in a difficult position because you know you can handle anything life throws at you. You love being ambitious and taking adventurous risks. 

We know that this summer will have you boldly taking all the excursions with your friends! We think you would look fierce in our Valentina set in the print onça preta.

2. Taurus [ April 20 - May 20 ]

Reliable, patient, and kind. You sound like someone we would all love to keep close to. Earth signs are grounded, brave, and devoted. You dislike disruptors in your life such as an ex trying to make his way back into your dating life, cheap fashion, or someone messing up your Starbucks order.

We understand completely, that's why we think you remind us of the Isabella in Tucano Rosa.

3. Gemini [ May 21 - June 20 ]

Lover of all things music, pop culture, traveling, and experiencing new things. You always keep us on our toes! No one can ever keep you in a box, and you don't necessarily want to be. You love meeting new people, talking with others, and being around the people who cherish you the most! 

You remind us of bossa nova, you are ever-changing and full of life. We think you would be Leticia in Bossa Nova.

4. Cancer [ June 21 - July 22 ]

cancer babes, we love yah! Super loyal friends but on high alert most of the time. Making sure everyone else around you is safe and having fun! You are an empath to the core and overall sensitive. 

You enjoy being by water because you feel a sense of calmness. We think you most resonate with blue, you are most compatible with our Katerina in Agua.


5. Leo [ July 23 - August 22 ]

Our summer babies, we know you will love to know what swimsuit best fits your personality! With creative energy and a personable mentality, you are the go-to for all things colorful, fun, and expensive! You are the queen of your world but you HATE when someone treats you otherwise, no worries because Nua definitely treats you like the queen you are. 

We think you would look exceptional in our set Mirella in print Diva.

5. Virgo [ August 23 - September 22 ]

lover of nature and animals, we love your kind spirit. Your shyness might hinder you every so often but your practicality and loyalty keep you right on track. Making friends is easy for you because you're likable. 

That's how we feel about this suit, the Rebecca in Onça.


5. Libra [ September 23 - October 22 ]

air signs love feeling safe in their environment. Freely flowing through life as a way to distract from deep feelings, you love connecting with people that are like-minded. You remind us of a warm sunny day with a nice breeze. 

You are most likely going to love our swimsuit, Katerina in Araza.


5. Scorpio [ October 23 - November 21 ]

a true friend. our fearless friend who always had our back. You make everyone feel better with your generous personality and fun-loving traits. You might not feel confident all the time but you are willing to put yourself out there and wear bold prints! 

Nua would look great on you babe, especially the Rebecca set in Copacabana print.


5. Sagittarius [ November 22 - December 21 ]

world travelers, or want to be world travelers. Always ready for change and can't wait for it to get there! You are the life of the party, always making people laugh uncontrollably. Everyone wants you to be a part of their bachelorette weekend or birthday party. You never let people walk over you because you know exactly who you are and what you believe. 

We think you are fierce babe, and everyone thinks so too! The Valentina in Onça Cinza is your print babe, own it!

5. Capricorn [ December 22 - January 19 ]

calling all responsible Capricorns! You are definitely on the more reserved side and that's okay. You play it safe but for good reasoning. You love building quality relationships and your friends envy you for how you stay so grounded in what you believe in! Standing up for what's right and sticking up for the people you care about most, we love you for that babe. 

We think you would feel most like yourself in the Leticia in print Esmeralda.

11. Aquarius [ January 20 - February 18 ]

your the OG water baby! You are hardworking and determined to get shit done, and we love that for you. Everyone wants you to mentor them and you do, because you care deeply about people. You're an intellectual which makes you even HOTTER! You take risks but only at your own risk. People might think you only care about your work or you spend too much time alone but you're only making yourself better baby. 

You would kill in the Gabriella in Onça Preta.


12. Pisces [ February 19 - March 20 ]

a true romantic, always wanting more. You love falling in love and people love falling in love with you, it's easy too! You might seem fearful at times to try new things but you are always open to new ideas. 

You give us a feeling of warmness that alludes to nature, matching the Isabella in print Athos.