world cup style 2022

world cup style 2022

The FIFA World Cup starts in a few days and we wanted you to choose your team in style with Nua. We have created a style guide for each country represented in this year's tournament!

FIFA World Cup 2022

This year the World Cup will take place for the first time ever in the Middle East. The tournament will begin on November 20th and end on December 18th.  This is also the first year it has ever been during the fall months due to the extreme heat in Qatar in the summer months.

According to Fox Bet, Brazil is the favorite to win the tournament with +450 odds, followed by England at +500, and France and Argentina at +550. 

Brazil has your heart

The Araza print is filled with beautiful colors of green, blue, yellow, and hints of red. These colors will pop with white, navy, and of course green! Sport your favorite team (duh) in Araza!

Macaws are one of the most charismatic species you’ll find in the Amazon. Their facial feather pattern is thought to be as unique as a fingerprint, and their brilliant coloring makes them impossible to miss. Kind of like you and your bestie wearing the Arara print.


Esmeralda is a deep, rich color that will be sure to bring out your most confident self. This solid matches everything to black, denim, neutrals, and colors!

This color is sexy, powerful, chic, and fun - all in one! We are huge fans of Esmeralda's vibrant color. You can mix and match it with our other prints, like the Tucano Rosa and Floresta for a super fun and edgy vibe!


this white is a show-stopper! Add a hair scarf to any outfit to complete your look. You will definitely shand out from the crowd in this. 

Céu (Sky) breathes the possibility and expansiveness of the tropical skies. A reminder that you are brighter than the sun and the sky is not your limit when Céu is on you. So, shine bright like a Nua babe!


Onça Prèta is a statement piece that will turn heads every time. Its vibrant orange color can be seen from miles away and will have you looking fierce!

This print was inspired by the black jaguar, one of the world’s most powerful living animals in the wild, mainly found in the Amazon. Needless to say, this print was made to bring out the fierceness, savagery, and uniqueness you already possess.


we love a fun print and it's more fun when you can style it a million different ways. The Copacabana print is perfect for cheering on your favorite players! With hints of beige, blue, and even black, you can style this with almost any color and look good while doing it. 

This print was inspired by the colors of a beautiful Carioca summer and the streets of Copacabana. 

Get ready to feel like the girl from Rio in this print!


This ocean blue suit is perfect for representing Argentina this year. The silky fabric can be matched with your favorite white shorts or yellow flared pants for a pop of color. Show up and show off for Argentina in Agua!

Peaceful, yet oh so sexy! Agua was inspired by the refreshing and renewing powers of the mysterious Brazilian Amazonian river!  Tailor-made to make you feel in your purest element, so show ‘em what you’re made of! 


We want to see all the many styles of Nua on the beach and on the streets! Show us how you are styling Nua for the World Cup or any occasion by tagging Nua Swim and using #NuaSquad.